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This is a demo focused on combat, in that sense there is no real level, only an arena. You're free to set any number of each enemy, up to five, and the "repeat" box will spawn another wave of that same amount after you've killed them.

Gamepad should be supported, but I have not been able to try it out.


WASD/Left thumbstick - Move

Space/Right trigger : Move up

Control/Left trigger : Move down

Shift/Face button right : Dash

Left mouse button/Bottom Face  Button: Shoot

Right mouse button/Right Bumper : Melee attack

Middle mouse button/Left Bumper : Heavy melee attack

E/Face button left - Block

B/Right thumbstick press : Change weapon (Hold the button down with the stick and point it in the direction of the button, I haven't bothered to implement visuals but it should work) P/Escape - Paus

Left, Right arrow keys/C, V/Right Thumbstick - Change Target


64bit.zip 141 MB

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