A downloadable game for Windows

Featuring a brand new take on difficulty, where YOU choose YOUR OWN difficulty.


WASD: Move

Spacebar/Left Ctrl: Go Up/Down



F:Lock on to a target

V:Fix camera on target


MechGame64bitPackaged.rar 105 MB
MechGame32bitPackaged.rar 83 MB


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Game seems fun, so here's your issues. Ascend/Descend animation does not adapt to player position and is reset to where the player is forced to look upon restarting. Blocking has no animation and neither does shooting. Please save your players from carpal tunnel and allow the player to shoot for as long as LMB is held down. Can input/write whatever I want in the allotted textboxes but thankfully non-numerical inputs are considered null. AI seems like a step-up from what I've seen in this demo day and custom difficulty is neat. Lastly, and because itch.io isn't letting me directly upload an image

Despite not having key binding settings yet, I unable to find DefaultGame.ini anywhere(not included in the rar and I can't find it in any of the appdata folders), so I'm not allowed to bind descend to left alt key for example. No bugs found plus I don't really have any suggestions so now I can only wish you good luck on your game.